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Music means different things to different people. For some, music encourages and motivates, for others it’s an escape, sometimes its all the above and more. But no matter where you’re from, or why you listen, we all can relate to the walk of life. Our individual experiences make up our overall perception. Over the years, Avid Roots Entertainment has had the pleasure of working with many talented artist who have uniquely shared there stories, adding a new spin to age old themes.


Joe Nance

In his latest release “Switch it up’ Joe Nance reminds us that no matter what life brings our way everything will be ok. Listen here >

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Anthony Braxton

In “The Rise and Demise of Anthony Braxton”, Ant B passionately describes his pervious accounts of pain and redemption. Interweaving Hip-Hop and R&B Ant B touches on life love faith and finding the courage to press on.

Anthony Braxton’s latest release “A ways to go”


A.P. Saich

That moment in high school when you realize nothing will ever be the same. What’s next? Tackling issues of change and new beginnings, A.P. Saich bring lots of energy and emotion in Honor Roll.

Listen to Honor Roll >


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