Joe Nance dives headfirst into a blissed-out atmosphere on the sundrenched “In The Meantime EP”. Quite spacious, the lush soundscapes possess a tremendous amount of detail. His lyricism feels akin to poetry. Samples further emphasize the epic journey that his storytelling explores, one where life becomes a thing full of endless possibility. By going for this approach, the whole of the EP presents itself with such honesty. Joe Nance’s voice has a soothing, reassuring presence to it. A great deal of rock comes into the mix, while Joe Nance’s selection nicely draws from classic rock like Jimi Hendrix, while the beats are firmly rooted in hip-hop.

Glimmers of guitars come into the fray on the moving opener “Staring At The Sun”. Intricate to its very core, the whole of the work slowly moves into focus with a painterly patience. Jazz hooks arise on the infectious grooves of the title track “In The Meantime”. Easily the highlight of the collection comes with the fiery passion of “Broken Wing” where the usage and manipulation of the sample works wonders. Some ambience rolls through on the light and airy “M4G” where the buildup feels fantastic. A sly rhythm enters the fray on the hard-edged “On The Grid”. Ending things on a high note, everything about “On The Grind” offers an unflinching view of how to move forward through life.

Pitch perfect and full of joy, Joe Nance’s “In The Meanwhile” positively glows with such hope in the future.

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