Review for Closed Caption Vol. 2

01. Special Review

Closed Caption Vol. 2, begins with a smooth, vibey, Rnb- hip hop track: “Special”- a warm, sweet, love song to Nance’s assumed loved one. What separates this track from most hip-hop music pertaining to a romantic relationship is it’s inherit pureness. Nance is speaking straight from the heart, omitting any kind of sexual vulgar typically found in this type of hip hop. I’m sure this will be a favorite among the females listening to the album. Nance comes across of genuine, wholesome and introspective, delivering reasons why his lover is ‘special to him.’ Musically, “Special” is quite well done. The beat is top-tier- a bit old school, with touches of modern instrumentation. I especially liked this main harp-sounding synth. That definitely gave the track a modern flavor, contrasting the classic slow, but groove-heavy hip hop/Rnb drums. The bass is as smooth as bass gets- a sub glueing the track together. Arrangement wise- the track is dynamic and intriguing. I didn’t find myself bored at all, even though the longer-than-usual fade out. The track was engaging, intentional and well arranged. “Special” seems to be a great introduction Closed Caption Vol. 2.

Review by Mtinezz

02. Fantasy Review

“Fantasy” begins with an interesting, up-tempo almost ‘breakbeat’ drum part. It’s unconventional for hip-hop, but it absolutely works. The vocal layering Nance delivers is spacious and almost dreamlike. The verses are rhythmically syncopated and executed excellently. The track tells the listener to dance- my only concern is that as a commercial product, what’s being used as dance music is quite different from what Nance delivers here. In other words, this type of beat may not be ‘in’ with today’s youth, as opposed to Reggaeton- type beats. (E.g “Despacito) The hook is SO well done. From the vocal melody, to the instrumentation. The trumpets absolutely made it. Production wise, a brilliant move. The porosity between the lyric “all that jazz” and the trumpets playing is incredible. Fantasy faded out like “Special,” and I would’ve liked to hear “Fantasy” concluded differently.

Review by Mtinezz

03. Sunshine Starlight Review

Nance brings the EP to a close with another love song. Similarly pure to the first track on the EP,  “Special”, “Sunshine Starlight” boasts of a woman’s ability to shine naturally, seemingly without effort. Nance plays with this idea, stating that “I love the way that you shine,” and cleverly states that this woman’s beauty is not only light giving- but life giving:  “let me see that pretty smile that brings life in the spring time, april showers always on my mind.” Quit  a brilliant line, not uncommon for the gifted writer. The beat is once again well done, a smooth Rnb track sitting somewhere in between “Fantasy” and “Special” tempo-wise. Melodically, Nance does a good job of using background vocals to sing, fill up space and make the chorus and hooky as possible.  Nance clearly has a good ear for how hip-hop should sound to be most efficient in communicating. “Sunshine Starlight” concludes Closed Caption Vol. 2 in a button-ending fashion.

Review by Mtinezz

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